Our Philosophy

Independent Advice for Financial FreedomSM is more than a slogan.
It’s how we do business.

Independent Advice
The cornerstone of our business is trust. To remain objective and avoid conflicts of interest:

  • We do not sell investments, insurance, or legal products.
  • We do not accept commissions, referral fees, or other “backdoor” compensation.
  • We do not charge “percentage of assets” fees.

You receive our undivided attention and objective advice. No selling. No pressure.

We work for you, not someone else. You get advice that makes sense for your unique financial situation with no strings attached.

Financial Freedom
Financial freedom means being free from the worry and burden of how to manage the money you earn and save. We work with you to achieve your financial life goals by navigating the complexities of the financial world, providing easy-to-understand solutions, and helping you implement them. Then we stick with you for the long-term to monitor progress and adapt your plan and investments as life unfolds and your needs change.

You get peace of mind knowing that you have a game plan for your finances and a trusted adviser who is there for you no matter what comes up.

Service-Based Compensation
Liberty charges an hourly rate or flat fee for services rendered. You only pay for the services you request and authorize in advance. This removes all the conflicts of interest found in the traditional commission-based or percentage of assets fee structures offered by the majority of other financial advisers. It can also save you a substantial amount in adviser fees over time.

You keep more of your hard-earned money working for you while receiving objective financial advice and professional service.

If this sounds like the kind of working relationship you want with your financial adviser, then call us today to see how we can serve you.

We appreciate your business!

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