Income & Asset Protection

Your Income & Assets
The very best plans for retirement, education, or other financial life goals can be instantly thrown into jeopardy due to a life or health crisis. Good planning considers these possibilities and ways to mitigate the risks to your income or assets in a cost-effective manner through insurance coverage.
Liberty reviews various types of insurance as dictated by your specific situation, but especially focuses on disability, life, and long-term care insurance. An analysis of the coverage needed, the type of policy recommended, and price ranges for premiums are provided. All recommendations include a review of, and coordination with, any insurance benefits offered through your employer. If necessary, we will provide referrals to insurance professionals and work with them to assist you in securing the appropriate policy.

Getting Results
Addressing the risks to your income or assets is an important element of your financial plan. Liberty is uniquely qualified to help you navigate this delicate area because we do not sell any types of insurance products. We have no skin in the game to steer you towards any particular coverage, inflated coverage amounts, insufficient policies, etc. just to make a buck. Instead, our motive is 100% to help you understand your risk exposure and find the best ways to address that exposure for your sole benefit. Nothing more, nothing less. Liberty is in the business of helping clients succeed. We work with you to achieve your financial life goals. Call us today to see how we can serve you.

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