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Whom Do You Trust?
You need help. You want sound, unbiased advice. It should be simple.
Instead, what you typically get from the financial services industry is a product sales pitch or asset gathering expedition all wrapped up in confusing jargon — 401k/403b/457b plans, IRAs, rollovers, brokerage services, life insurance, long-term care, annuities, etc., and acronyms galore. Whom do you trust to make sense of it all and give you straight answers? Consider:

Who is committed to your long-term financial success?
Who will listen to you and provide objective advice?
Who will sort out what is right for you and explain why in simple terms?
Who will take fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interests?

Don’t settle for a sales pitch or “free” plan/analysis with little substance when you need serious answers to financial questions with life-long implications. You deserve better.

Liberty Financial Planning
Liberty Financial Planning is an independent financial planning and investment firm that specializes in providing objective financial and investment advice on a fee-only basis. We are dedicated to putting the needs and interests of our clients first.
Liberty avoids destructive conflicts of interest by not selling any financial, legal, or insurance products, and does not charge percentage of asset fees. That is, our hands are not in the proverbial “cookie jar” when it comes to your money and the advice we give. At Liberty we work for you, not someone else.
Liberty’s roots are in the communities of Plymouth and Canton, Michigan but we serve clients across Michigan and the United States as permitted by law.

Steve Braun
Steve Braun is the founder and president of Liberty Financial Planning. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he received a BA in Communications and an MBA in Finance and Marketing, with Honors.Steve Braun semi-formal 1

“Financial planning is my passion,” says Steve, “because I meet and help so many interesting people. It’s a ‘numbers’ business with lots of analysis, strategy, and legal or tax considerations but behind all of that are amazing clients with unique stories and dreams to fulfill. I get to help make it happen! How cool is that? My work is a labor of love.”

Liberty’s success, as Steve sees it, is tied directly to the results he achieves for his clients and the service he provides. He particularly enjoys hearing from clients about how he has made a difference in their lives.

According to Steve, “Successful financial planning is much more than numbers. It is about people and their quality of life. My job is to navigate the intricate details of managing money, investments, and taxes so clients can focus on more important aspects of life — their families, careers, or other interests. Their positive feedback and loyalty through long-term relationships is my greatest professional achievement.”

Steve’s proudest personal accomplishment, however, is a strong and happy relationship with his wife, Karen, with whom he has raised their six children.

“I am blessed,” he says, “and I wouldn’t trade places with anyone.”

We appreciate your business!

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